Friday, May 1, 2009

Razors and Bandage.

Shuffling though the dresser drawer.. her eyes red and Japanese-like from too much of crying.
Of what they see.Eyes and the whole of her, gleam.Silver.Her fingers clenching as many pills as they can.Pills.She always had been in awe of.Red.Orange.Sea green.Yellow.
"your good for nothing,"they said.
A glass bottle hovers over the table a little before crashing onto the floor. 
"you are self centred,that's why no one likes you.
oh! forget that!how many of them do you like?",they said.
She pulls back her careless locks away from her face.They are out there.They wish to reach you,listen to you,hold you.She shuts her eyes to the voices in her head.That's what she always did.That was her way.GETLOST.
"You have no human values left,"he said.
You dream in satin.You've painted pellets the colours they are,you say.And you pose.I see that.
You pretend allthebloodytime.And I can see that.You pose.You pose.
"If that's how you wish to continue,you are getting no where in your life.Building air castles is all you can do..",she said.
Glossy colors on her palm.ONE DOWN.
"Your selfish and your spoilt"
"She isn't as innocent as she pretends to be.Your ungrateful.And you lie.You Lie.You LIE."
THREE DOWN.Two more to go.

CAUTION:"Over doze maybe injurious to liver.Keep out of reach of children".

"There's something your not telling me..I know there is.And whats 
with your phone?,"said the best friend.
She stared at the dead thing lying close by.So was she.She didn't wish to touch it.Feel it.Have anything to do with it.
"..but that's not how it is know that..rite?,"he said.

If I smile and don't believe
Soon I know I'll wake from this dream
Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken
Hello I am the lie living for you so you can hide.

"Whats wrong with you?Should I call up one of your friends to know whats with you?Tell me..speak.Your just like her.Your silence scares me and its going to get us into trouble for that I'm sure..SPEAK..",she said.

Your words echo in my brain.They screech and they scream,driving their nails deep into my tired brain.Now you can say all that you want.Only I see the blood trickle.


Smiles don't always tell the truth.Sometimes they are more than just oblivion,
sadness,sarcasm and shrewdness.Its a reminder.A signal.A warning.A forecast.
This I shall always remember.

I wonder, which pain I tried to chase away after all?