Monday, June 29, 2009

Another ghost to follow.

"I know where you hide
Alone in your car
Know all of the things that make you who you are
I know that goodbye means nothing at all
Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls.."

I know she considers her middle school badge lucky.
I know that she has a burn scar near her ankle and it had troubled her quite a bit.
I know her wrist supported a rather ugly black titan watch,that she preferred over all others,for most of her senior years at school and preserved the pieces after it broke.
I know she's allergic to chalk.
I know she cannot tell the shades of different colours apart.
I know she hearts stormy weathers.
I know that she idolized Einstein.
I know that she's rather bad at writing letters and no matter how much I ask her not to ramble, she still will.
I know she cried in the corridors.
I know that its rather difficult to tell her laughter and crying apart.
I know that had she been a word, it would be- Renaissance.
I know she's awake no matter what time of the night I call her, tongue wrestling the voices in her head.I know she knows I believe them to be kiddish.I know she hates me for that.
I know she secretly believes Red and Blue to be conspiring against her existence.
I know that she would back me up on every weird idea I possess.
I know she can mix sauce with everything edible on the planet.
I know shes on the wrong planet.
I know that she tried hiding her frost bitten fingers at school and was amazingly successful at it.
I know she strangely wakes up to receive my calls at night even when the phones been on the silent mode.
I know how much she loved Westlife and how she grew out of it.
I know she can listen to 'she will be loved', over and over again and never get the least tired.
I know she lost her faith in god in tenth grade.
I know that her hazel eyes hide more than just secrets.
I know she'd never compromise with her standards.
I know that she stealthily applys Kohl.
I know that she burns things to convince herself they don't matter any longer.I know they still do.
I know she secretly fears loneliness.
I know that she's never come even distantly close to hating him even though she said she did.
I know that the lucky ass that would get her, would never be good enough for her.
I know she had a fringe during her junior years.
I know she wakes up after every hour at night.
I know that she worries about her looks.
I know how much the word 'lame' bugs her.
I know that she loves me but would rather swallow a fly than admit it.
I know she gets nervous alot.
I know her handwriting smells of smoke and sea.Its my synonym for familiarity.
I know she eats coffee powder as an act of repentance.
I know that she can brush her teeth over and over again through the day.
I know perfect endings don't seem to convince her.

I know her.
I had known her.

Suddenly I'm not so sure.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

No excuses this time

I've set myself on fire, do you see me now ?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Windswept ruins

I dread your oceans
I dread your streams.
Circumventing your existence
and not being affected is hopeless,
and so totally not me.

I've never hidden the truth away from you.
I've only protected you against it.
And those are two very different things.

If that phone isn't ringing you should  know its me.