Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Girl that I almost Was.

Every time I turn the lights on
thinking I'm alone, my pale lemon
Walls betray me.I see that girl, that
girl I see in the realms of my
silver screen.
The girl that I almost was.

Now I'm blasé.

As I look into her eyes
she refuses to look into mine.
Hiding secrets, red lies, betrayal,
are they?


And of all the colours that I see
in them, its purple that refuses
to show.
I follow her inebriated gaze.
I wonder whats on her mind.
Flashbacks in negative, I long
to tell her the party has end.
She wont hear me.
Lost herself she has in those
cataract dreams. Perversions
all they show... & from now on

I shall remain quiet.

Long louche curls and that mystery
that shall remain untold.
All that jollity,just a facade.
And if I tell the world what
I see today, they
wont believe in me, believe in
you believe in
the girl that I almost was.

The washed away kohl from that
convalescent gaze pains my
heart. It pins me down.
Shes chasing broken-winged-butterflies.
I see no way out.

The ends of these lips and the
treacly stuff that I don't let
them speak curse me today.

Pressed down upon the other side.
I don't trust them any longer
And they don't trust mine.

[This is what a five month blockage gave way to. Written in a fit of god knows what, raw matter that I didn't wish to edit, so don't expect anything out of this one. I was just glad I could write.]

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