Monday, November 30, 2009

The Missing Exclaimation Marks.

"Somehow everything I own
smells of you.And for the tinest
moment its all not true.
More than anything I want to see you go..
You could be happy,I hope you are."

Whats your zodiac sign?

US- Perfectly symmetrical masses fit perfectly into one another,giving birth to our induced fit theory.Reading minds and actions,giving more than you get.Traping moments and presenting our own sarcophagus of jumbled thoughts..

Did I tell you I still think of of you,read you moves and predict the things you do..I still know,I still understand.I still believe in you.

"you'll grow out of it baby.."

Writing now only feels painful and however much I try to runnaway from it,Im doing it tonight just for you and our symmetrical selves
I cant write anylonger. But I still can feel.
I today acknowledge you and your shut out they resemble mine,and when you asked me if 'we' are getting any better,I know you realized I would lie.
If we could,I'd turn time round to make things like they used to be..
To be able to undo your accusation and to undo my suppressed longings,to be able to protect me from what I've see..and to be able to speak them out to you.
I cant write any longer.
And i dont care..
You were my only refuge and this is just for you.

We now fill blank crosswords,me puzzle you and you build on clues.
Dragged conversations,forced smiles,disarray emotions,8 minutes to our 180..
What have we turned into?
So tell me are you friend or foe?

You cant leave out explaination-lost words out after a time.And now its turned out to feel like having splinters pushing through my heart.

You arent allowed to be a child anylonger
Sometimes its just not fair to fight,to runnaway from hanging conversations,to keep you away so,to hurt you like that..
I now let you linger a little longer,till you dissolve unto me.
Your thoughts condense upon my skin,your voice plunges through the crevices in me..

Even hate has a saturation level
Everything moves so fast and in reverse I follow.This all's too unfair,too selfish,too unlike you and me.

This isnt a longing,this is loss.

Oh! and before I forget,
I miss you.

Surprise me..? (please.)

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Bandan said...

I like it :)

Anonymous said...

Hullo. I went ahead, became all creepy and posted your quote on my "blog". I gave you enough credit. I hope you don't sue me. (: