Monday, February 8, 2010

The Laboratory in my Heart.

Its been a while since we have spoken. And yet I read your daily column, nodding my head and pinching my skin, like I just know what you are going through.
Maybe I do. Or maybe you just write too well.

 You flick a smile when I speak to you and I shudder 'cause I know what you really mean.I trace down the lines on the back of your foot, and I finger the scar he gave you.
 Maybe I do understand. Or maybe it has always been there.

 Maybe I still haven't learnt to love.Maybe I was just busy trying to learn you.

2 doors banged:

Anonymous said...

"Maybe I still haven't learnt to love. Maybe I was just busy trying to learn you."

I love this line. Love it.

Thresia said...

Happened to stumble upon you by accident. Good day for accidents, today.